Clarity for future makers

We help entrepreneurs to turn fictional business scenarios into a real thing.

Playfulness and structure will be our guides in these turbulent times!

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Playground for impact projects

If you’re a caring business owner or a curious professional with a desire to contribute to challenges we all face on the planet Earth, you’re in the right place!

Start your gamified journey in impact entrepreneurship. We’ll help you to turn your voice into projects that make ripples in our communities, locally and globally.

We love paradoxes of life. Being serious goes together with being playful. In fact, playfulness makes our body and mind more relaxed, which helps to make decisions and take actions. We call it playful entrepreneurship. Life is a game, after all.

Times we live in offer plenty of challenges. We turn them into opportunities. Wirth our guidance, you’ll be able to navigate the complexity of grand challenges to solve and pick your leverage point on where you can make an impact.

While it’s still common for business world to use only one element and act only, we promote a more balanced approach to entrepreneurship, which suits more sensitive entrepreneurs. We call it a cycling or rhythmic entrepreneurship.
The hero’s journey becomes a story of a collective. You don’t have to build your business on your own. As a collective of design and growth professionals, we’re here to help. We call it symbiotic creativity (inspired by Symbiotic Evolution by Lynn Margulis).

Rhythmic approach to entrepreneurship

Welcome a momentum into your business journey. Inspired by nature, we invite you to adopt a cycling approach to entrepreneurship. We are creating 3 worlds for you, each dedicated to a different mindset you will need in your entrepreneurial journey.


Explore ideas

For starters, move outside your head and mess around with business ideas!


Build a business

Get concrete results - a brand, a website and a growth roadmap for your business.


Reflect and review

Nourish your soul and prepare for the next cycle of growth through reflection.


Brain and heart, in sync with the Earth

"We are in love with play, we explore creatures and cultures around the planet Earth

We make things and learn along the way

That's how we evolve together. yes to change!

We trust the process, there's no other way!"
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