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Are you a caring human who seeks to make a meaningful impact while on Earth? But perhaps you’re wearing multiple hats in life right now and have no idea where to start in framing your purpose or even taking the first steps in change-making? 

8 week online programme for change makers is designed as a playground for authentic self activation through 3 pillars: body, creativity and community.

Activate a change maker inside you, with a magic of nature's principles

8 weeks PROGRAMME + mentoring for full year

Nothing exists in isolation. Same goes for your authenticity. We invite you to a facilitated journey based on an idea from ecology – feedback loops. Activate your voice through self-care, creative action and community interactions.



Activate your voice by looking after your wellbeing through playful exercises.

Get introduced to the biology of a human body. Yes, welcome to a nervous system!

Discover how you can calm your emotions down with simple playful exercises including breathing (tool: Dragon’s Breath), moving (tool: Dummy Dance), reflection (tool: Tree Talk), and more of embodiment magic.



Activate your voice through creative yet focused action for causes you care about.

We will explore ideas of what you would like to initiate and bring into the world based on a metaphor of a tree.

Strong roots, sweet fruits!

Through the metaphor of a tree and the principles of ecology, you’ll appreciate the past, envision the future and stay grounded in the present. Your personal brand awaits! (tool: brand design)

Roots will help you to appreciate the past and discover meaningful causes based on your life’s story (framework: reflection and inquiry).

Fruits will spark purposeful ideas and projects you want to initiate (framework: prototyping).



Activate your voice by helping others and establishing the networks of support.

Through a metaphor of a forest, we will imagine how you could contribute to causes you care about and help others, and then we’ll make action together by offering your help to others (toolkit: cold emailing and linkedin).

Also, we will pin point your needs and what networks you’d benefit being part of (framework: systems thinking).

Change makers activation programme

8 weeks PROGRAMME + mentoring for full year

This programme offers solid foundations for your authentic self-expression and a change maker’s lifestyle.

Activate your voice through looking after your body with playful exercises, taking baby steps towards causes you care about and establishing networks of supports.

You’ll receive repeatable tools and frameworks from disciplines such as wellness, design and communication.

As a result, you’ll make real actions towards a values shift through seeing your personal brand, a development of your personal learning network, prototyping a real initiative as a change maker.

The opening and closing of the programme will be led by Softpunki trio: Amy, Malu and Ruta.

Body pillar will be led by Malu.

Creativity pillar will be ld by Ruta and Malu.

Community pillar will be led by Amy.

Mentoring for your monthly reflection sessions will be led by one of our mentors: Malu, Amy or Ruta. Your choice! 

Once a week, 8 weeks. 

As a bonus, mentoring calls happen once a month for 10 months after the programme is completed.

Payment options: in full €1100, 3 instalments of €369 or monthly instalment of €110 over 12 months.

After a purchase, you’ll see our calendar and can pick a time for meeting your team. During this Welcome Call, we’ll schedule all workshops for 8 weeks.

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