How Imagination Activates our Authenticity

Fellow changemakers, this letter is for you. Welcome to 2024! Myself and Malü and Amy from softpunki are co-cooking a beautiful online workshop for January 11th, with an intention to activate our authentic voices on the planet Earth and serve our communities, locally and globally.

Looking for grounding in nature for the new year 

Creative action, leadership and business are playgrounds for everyone, we believe. But sometimes that something is lacking to feel we have a voice and we can take even the smallest action. And so, inspired by both, Inner Development Goals framework and ecology, we co-created this workshop as a space to play with our senses and imagination, and regain a sense of grounding and vision for 2024. Boom!

Messing around with the idea of self

What to expect in this workshop? A storytelling journey of becoming a Tree 🌳 and imagining how would that feel to embody the idea of ‘Keystone Species’ known as a leader in the human world, appreciate our roots 🪸 (background, skills, purpose) and frame our focus through the fruits metaphor 🍇 (realistic dreams for 2024). Yum yum.

Playing with communication

When we feel grounded, we’ll play with the metaphor of a forest’s internet 🌳🌐🌳 and conscious communication, recognising how simple acts of listening and small talk activates one another for taking the first steps for a change we want to see happen. Magical!

But don’t trust the simplicity just yet. As explorers of ecology, we have the principles of systems baked inside each exercise you will experrience (feedback loops, relationships, synergy, and more). Same way, we have to admit being quite geeks in personal development. So in this journey together we will play with Inner Development Goals framework and practise soft skills such as Being (authenticity, integrity, openness, self-awareness, presence), Relating (appreciation, sense-making, connectedness, empathy and compassion), Collaborating (communication, trust) – those essential soft skills that help to navigate the modern jungle with more trust and ease.

Activate your energy for 2024 in a community

All the curious, welcome welcome, come join us in our playground and let’s activate the new year together! 🐉

11th of January, 2024

6pm – 8pm GMT

Where is my authentic voice? Conscious communication, inspired by nature’s principles

Topics: Authenticity, Communication, Leadership, Ecology, Inner Development Goals

Hosts: Malü Duque, Amy Keith, Rūta Jakutė from 

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