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Making sales and customer acquisition easy for your business.


If you’re unsure of what you may need from digital, choose our clarity sessions. On Zoom and Miro. You talk, we make the point!
Clarity Sessions

Facilitation services is the place where you discover your digital needs. Sessions include our expertise in:

  • Punchy: Design Sprint, Lean Startup, Agile
  • Soft: Deep Listening, Co-Creation
Business Plan in 1 Page
Gain clarity about your business idea and see all elements of the business on one page. Session happens on Zoom and Miro.
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Audiences Map and Needs
Empathise with the needs of your target audiences through a visual map. Session happens on Zoom and Miro.
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Business DNA
Discover your Mission, Vision and Values as a small team. Session happens on Zoom and Miro.
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Product Launches
Gain feedback for your new offering from your target audience before launching. This is a design sprint run in 6 sessions on Zoom and Miro with digital services included.
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Customer Acquisition

Sales is the lifeblood of an organisation. It’s how you pay your bills. It’s how you connect with and grow your customer relationships. But we all know it can be a positive or negative experience, a bad salesperson leaves a sour taste in your mouth. And ineffective sales costs businesses, in startup environments you can’t afford either…

You need the sophistication of an experienced sales professional but without the price tag. That is where we come in. Through our flexible service models we provide you with expert sales and marketing skills, in a scalable way to suit your stage of business.

From Foundations to Results, we walk alongside you as you build market awareness and win customers, mapping and solidifying scalable systems and processes to support future growth.


  • Sales Playbook
  • Action Plan

Sales system setup

  • Audience targeting
  • Processes + Tech

Sales coaching

  • 1-2-1 sales coaching
  • For Founders
  • For Teams

Deals closed

  • Lead Generation
  • Customer Acquisition

Growth and Sales Systems

Grow your business with confidence and peace of mind. Choose our growth systems package if you want to boost your business with the superpowers of technology and our soft skills helping you to serve more customers.

Workshop for envisioning milestones towards business goals
  • Mapping target audiences for business owners 
  • A pipeline of potential customers

Bringing together technology, operational systems and your business goals to make sales work for your business.

Sales is a skill every business owner will benefit from. Develop yours with our friendly sales mentor Amy Keith.

Weekly Support

When your brand grows online, stay supported with our weekly service. Once a week we dive deep and create any brand assets you imagine. This is a so-called weekly retainer package where 8 hours of digital work is split between Ruta & Malu. Includes all of our expertise and services!

Illustration & Photo Editing

- graphics
- photo editing
- collages
- branded materials

Website Updates

- web pages
- blog posts
- products
- courses & lessons

Video, Audio & Animation

- video editing
- animation
- audio editing
- podcast branding

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Can we help you?

Our door is always open. Schedule a free discovery call and we’ll answer all of your questions with examples.

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