Mentoring for change makers

Nourish your soul and prepare for the next cycle of growth through reflection.

Dedicated time and space for slowing down

What is reflection?

Inspired by nature, we observe how there are times for construction and times for recharging our energies.

Reflection is a practice of reviewing, where a deeper understanding of your change maker journey is gained.

Your mentor creates a space for you to share and deeply listens. After reflection, you feel more appreciation and kindness towards yourself and your journey, and leave with more clarity on what’s next for you.

Frame what matters to you at this stage

It’s easier to focus when reviewing your journey with someone else. We call it “everyone needs a mirror”.

That’s how mentoring works. Your mentor serves as your mirror, that helps you to notice your priorities for the next cycle of growth.

3 months mentoring online


1.5 hours, Video + Toolkit

Activating inner fire

Experience on activating one’s authentic voice through a metaphor of fire as a process. More.

Toys to play with:


1 hours, Video + Toolkit

Meeting my weird ancestors

Immersive experience on reflecting about what is self through the lens of microbiology and comedy.

Toys to play with:


2 hours, Online

Dummy Dance for Non-Dancers

Playful beginner’s experience on movement. Doing the wild dance with no rhythm and being surprised about the weirdness of human body!
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1 hour, Video

Sensing More-Than-Human World

Immersive experience on tapping into a more-than-human world through mimicking animal sounds.

Toys to play with:

Choose a mentor for your next 3 months journey

Your 3 months mentoring journey in impact will be led by our mentors.

Malü Duque

Malü brings her versatile background into our mentoring programme. She is a deep listener, Reiki practitioner, painter of murals in the streets of Argentina and Colombia, as well as a caring brand strategist, who always notices the softness of human beings and with her kind approach Malü helps people to see their business ideas unfolding online.

Amy Keith

Amy brings her 'can-do attitude' and acceleration energy to Softpunki mentoring. She loves the idea of glocal and how local entrepreneurs can make a contribution to a global impact. Thanks to her background in high tech startups in UK and Ireland, Amy loves helping people to activate their problem solving abilities and envision their businesses from the sales perspective.

Rūta Jakutė

Rūta is an energy ball. She listens with a structured approach offering new perspectives to change makers on their situations. Ruta loves humour and using funny metaphors when reflecting on your entrepreneurial struggles. This is thanks to her life spent between Lithuania and Ireland. Rūta is quick to bring clarity and structure that comes from her background in tech startups. Let's prototype dreams, she says!

Your Pod, Zoom at the New Moon

Let’s make our intentions and express gratefulness in small pods of 3-10 people. Facilitated with Malü and Rūta.



Community Gathering, Zoom at the Full Moon

all group is 9-30

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