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Develop authentic online presence together with friendly geeks. We offer both, design and facilitation to help you with branding and websites.

How can we help?

From ideas to result.

Whatever you imagine, let's make it real and beautiful. As your digital guides, we'll help you to turn ideas into concrete projects, brands and websites.


Like a meal needs a spice, every idea or a project needs a style guidance. Discover your authentic messaging with a look and feel during a brand co-creation with us.

Addons & Support

Whatever you imagine becomes real with our weekly support. Ecommerce, podcasting or illustration, we have you covered.


Every brand needs an online home, a central place for expression. Build your robust beautiful website with your friendly web builders.


Sometimes all we need is a mirror. Someone who listens and makes the point. That's what facilitated sessions are for. Cozy and to the point!

Our clients

Business Coaching

Brand Style Guide is a step-by-step journey into discovering your authentic messaging through visuals. 

We say that a brand is a bridge between you and your customers, so let’s create yours?

The core value your brand offers to customers.

The profile of your target customer.

The document highlighting your brand’s personality through visuals.

Business workshops

2 hours LIVE on Zoom

Prepare your business for growth in a dedicated time for unpacking your business foundations. Each workshop is facilitated by 2 of our professional team members covering expertise in commercialisation and design. During the session, insights are mapped on a visual thinking platform Miro and recorded for you! After a workshop you receive a playbook in a google sheet or word doc.


2 hours, Zoom + Miro


Foundations Workshop

Where are you going with your business? Who do you serve and how? Let’s map all of your offerings for customer segments and envision a timeline of revenue goals.

Workshop takeaways:​


2 hours, Zoom + Miro


Foundations Workshop

What type of business is yours? Let’s define your company culture’s DNA (values, mission, vision) and paint the picture of your brand’s personality through images.

Workshop takeaways:


2 hours, Zoom + Miro


Foundations Workshop

How do you match customer needs in your communication? Let’s deep dive into your target customers and frame your content process into stages.

Workshop takeaways:​

Brand Style Guide

Brand Style Guide is a step-by-step journey into discovering your authentic messaging through visuals.

We say that a brand is a bridge between you and your customers, so let’s create yours?

The core value your brand offers to customers.

The profile of your target customer.

The document highlighting your brand’s personality through visuals, e.g. logo, typography, colours palette, the style of photographs, and more.

Website Design

Choose our web design package if you want to be heard and have your authentic brand unfolding on your web space. 

    A beautiful website that tells your business story in 1-5 pages is called a brochure website. Your website will look as beautiful on mobile as on computer. Made for humans as well as search engines.

    Your authentic website that tells your brand’s story straight to the hearts and minds of your customers.

    Empowering you to update your website as your business grows.


    Ecommerce or Elearning

    - shopping cart
    - payment gateway
    - calendar for bookings
    - online courses (LMS)

    Website promotion

    - professional email setup
    - newsletter setup
    - content strategy
    - social media templates


    - podcast creation
    - podcast cover image
    - audio uploading on Anchor/Spotify with all details (title, description, cover image)


    If you’re unsure of what you may need from digital, choose our clarity sessions. On Zoom and Miro. You talk, we make the point!
    Clarity Sessions

    Facilitation services is the place where you discover your digital needs. Sessions include our expertise in:

    • Punchy: Design Sprint, Lean Startup, Agile
    • Soft: Deep Listening, Co-Creation
    Brand Discovery
    Discover the fundamentals of your brand. Session happens on Zoom and Miro.
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    Business Plan in 1 Page
    Gain clarity about your business idea and see all elements of the business on one page. Session happens on Zoom and Miro.
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    Audiences Map and Needs
    Empathise with the needs of your target audiences through a visual map. Session happens on Zoom and Miro.
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    Business DNA
    Discover your Mission, Vision and Values as a small team. Session happens on Zoom and Miro.
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    Product Launches
    Gain feedback for your new offering from your target audience before launching. This is a design sprint run in 6 sessions on Zoom and Miro with digital services included.
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    Prototyping as a service

    5 Sessions, 2 hours each
    Move from thinking to doing in steps. We invite you into a facilitated journey that brings feedback from your audience and clarity on how to make your idea better.

    Step 1: Purpose

    The journey begins with setting the compass towards your north star and acknowledging your priorities.

    Step 2: Audience

    Let's move from you to them. We'll map the audiences you could serve and empathise with their needs.

    Step 3: Prototype

    Let's see how your offerings could look like. This is prototyping in action. We co-create the look and feel.

    Step 4: Feedback

    In a safe space, you receive comprehensive feedback from your audience which helps to improve your idea.

    Step 5: Next Steps

    You're grounded by now with insights and can easily take next steps for bringing solution to life. (We're here to help.)

    Growth and Sales Roadmap

    Grow your business with confidence and peace of mind. Choose our growth roadmap package if you want to gain clarity on how sales work and how you can use technology as well as soft skills to bring your offerings into the world.

    Envision milestones towards your business goals with a growth roadmap.

    A growth and sales roadmap will help you to focus on your target audience and have a consistent outreach.

    Mapping your target audiences will help to create a pipeline of potential customers.

    Bringing together technology and business goals to help you take sales steps.

    Sales is a skill every business owner will benefit from. Develop yours with our friendly sales mentor Amy Keith.

    Weekly Support

    When your brand grows online, stay supported with our weekly service. Once a week we dive deep and create any brand assets you imagine. This is a so-called weekly retainer package where 8 hours of digital work is split between Ruta & Malu. Includes all of our expertise and services!

    Illustration & Photo Editing

    - graphics
    - photo editing
    - collages
    - branded materials

    Website Updates

    - web pages
    - blog posts
    - products
    - courses & lessons

    Video, Audio & Animation

    - video editing
    - animation
    - audio editing
    - podcast branding

    .01 Step

    Can we help you?

    Our door is always open. Schedule a free discovery call and we’ll answer all of your questions with examples.

    Web Design FAQs

    Your Needs

    Yes! Discovering your authentic messaging is our first step in web design. 

    Yes! Your website will be made with a responsive design, which means – your website automatically will adapt to a screen size and will look perfect on all devices: computer, tablet and mobile.

    Yes, your website will be clear for customers and robots. If you feel geeky, let us share the SEO secrets with you! We will ensure that your website will have pages optimised for SEO in this way: 

    • Your website pages will have on-site optimisation completed with SEO titles, meta descriptions, alt tags for your chosen keywords added. 
    • Your website’s sitemap will be connected to Google Search Console.
    • Your website’s speed will be optimised for all devices.
    • Your website’s structure will be SEO-friendly where possible, depending on how many pages you choose. It means, your website pages will be linked between each others like a “web”.

    As an addon, we can set up a Google My Business profile for you to boost your website locally. Let’s discuss.

    Yes! During our time together, we will not only make you a beautiful website, but also give you comprehensive tutorials on how you can update your website, by following simple steps.

    Happy to help! We are experienced in setting up elearning systems for solo business owners like,, All had LearnDash for WordPress connected to their business website.

    Moreover, we’re happy to guide you in structuring your knowledge and ideas into comprehensive lesson plans.

    Yes, your website will be secured with a “green lock” that is called a SSL certificate. Also, your website will be hosted on professional and secure hosting, which comes with built-in security plugins.


    WordPress and Elementor, which makes it easy to update your website with a “drag and drop” flow.

    WordPress is the most popular content management system in the world for websites. It offers a modular approach to web development.

    Whenever you need an additional functionality on your website, it’s fast to get it live with tiny programs within WordPress ecosystem called plugins.

    Also, WordPress comes with a blog which is still one of the main channels for online marketing (a blog ensures your website is always getting fresh content and this way it boosts SEO).

    When your customer makes a payment on your online shop, the payment goes to Stripe and then to your business bank account. We will set up everything for you and make sure transactions work smoothly.

    Woocommerce and Stripe connected to WordPress.

    LearnDash, Woocommerce and Stripe connected to WordPress.


    Our clients stories show that it’s easier to launch websites if we work together for 6 weeks at least to ensure we have time to discover your authentic message and make the process as smooth as possible.

    Yes indeed! As both, facilitators and designers we will be guiding you step-by-step.

    Bank transfer, PayPal invoice or Stripe invoice:

    • Softpunki Limited registered in Ireland
    • AIB bank
    • IBAN: IE08AIBK93104778459188
    • sort code: 931047
    • account number: 78459188
    50% of quoted fee when the service starts and 50% when the service is completed
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    Do we fit to work together?

    Our door is always open to meet strangers online and explore ideas together. Schedule a free discovery call with us and let’s get to know each other.

    After this call, there’s no commitment to work together. This call is more like a virtual coffee. Come join us!

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